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stan – the label for genuine and gripping music

stan was founded by the musicians Andreas Nowak and Stefan Gawlick in September of 2008. Since their student days they have both worked intensively behind as well as in front of the microphone, also working together for many years. They have been involved in the emergence of many internationally award-winning CDs.

stan is curious, is interested in music from any period and any cultural frame and as a result, produces gripping and innovative chamber music that ventures beyond all ridged delimitations of genre. Thus recordings emerge that cast an unfamiliar light upon well-known music; that place well-known music in a new context and thereby create a new experience.

With stan, music tells stories. In order to create an authentic narrative flow, recording takes place in natural rooms with excellent acoustic suitable to the instrumentation. Stan produces its recordings single-handedly and with only the absolute minimum of cuts because they always disrupt the musical breathing, even when realized technically well.

stan takes a great deal of time in front of the microphone and keeps the postproduction maintenance to an absolute minimum so that the listener is provided with an honest and realistic impression of the musician’s art. For the two founders of stan, the depth of the musical experience remains the unwavering focus of their work.